Sulfibra Logística

Our Story

Sulfibra Logística was founded in 2006 and became an affiliate of Sulfibra Group, currently has a fleet of 36 heavy and semi-heavy vehicles. Serving the dry cargo modality in general, carrying out cargo collection, delivery and transfer operations, reaching national and international territory, with siders, container carriers and low grade.

The company grew at a fast pace to initially meet the demand for Sulfibra Fiberglass Laminated Products, over time it began to supply the entire Sulfibra Group operation and is constantly increasing its fleet in order to attract new customers in the transport area.

All vehicles have permission and licenses from Organs competent bodies for the transport of dangerous products.
Developing special projects to meet the needs of each client, ensuring the continuity of services provided, always carried out in accordance with safety policies and environmental legislation standards.

In this way, the integrity of the product is guaranteed, with trucks and implements in excellent conditions of conservation and a team of highly qualified and trained professionals to carry out their work with maximum agility and safety.

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