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Synthetic Resins

Synthetic resins are polymers prepared via addition or condensation polymerization processes. They are widely used, in the form of solutions or dispersions, in the production of paints (resin is the vehicle responsible for the gloss and physical properties of the film after drying) and adhesives.

General Lamination
Polyester Orthophthalic resin, pre-accelerated.
Application: Casings, Studs, automobile industry, swimming pools, bathtubs, toys and laminates in general.

Isophthalic Resin
Isophthalic polyester resin, non-accelerated, thixotropic, with good chemical and mechanical resistance. Used for purposes that must have high chemical and mechanical resistance. Also used for the manufacture of molds, tanks, water pipes, sewage, and gelcoat.

DCPD Resin
DCPD Unsaturated Polyester Resins have a good heat deflection temperature (HDT), excellent wettability and low shrinkage, being widely used in the nautical markets.

Crystal Resin
Orthophthalic polyester resin, pre-accelerated, crystal. Used in the manufacture of surfboards, buttons, jewelry, transparent pieces, stained glass, tiles, etc.

Dough Plastic
Unsaturated polyester resins, ortho-terephthalic, of medium reactivity, medium viscosity with excellent load absorption and good fluidity.

Unsaturated, pre-accelerated, low-viscosity polyester resin.
Applications: It is recommended for injection applications. This resin can be used to produce high performance structural laminates. It can be used with many types of fiberglass reinforcement.

Ester Vinyl
Resin with superior thermal properties and high corrosion resistance. Also excellent chemical resistance to a wide variety of chemical compounds, acids, alkalis and organic compounds.
Applications: Storage tanks, process vessels, piping and maintenance repairs in the pulp and paper industry and chemical in general.

Epoxy Resin Kit
- Laminates with Special Fibers (Carbon for example) and/or Fiberglass.
- Coating of Industrial Floors.
- Crafts (Parts, Keyrings, Buttons etc.).
- Application of Glues / Pasty masses.
- Useful Information: Proportion of 100% Resin to 50% Hardener in Mass/” Weight”, High chemical resistance.
- High mechanical strength if used with Fibers.
- Low contraction.

Resin Mold
Pre-accelerated, pre-additivated and thixotropic unsaturated polyester resin, developed for the manufacture of composite molds. This resin is formulated for room temperature cure with conventional MEK peroxides.